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January 30th, 2009

Katy snapped these pix of the bedroom:

web2467We recently received that beautiful walnut dresser from Katy’s folks; we are the third generation to hold it.  It was already well used when Katy’s grandfather acquired it, and he did the refinishing job.  When I was cleaning it, I found a newspaper special edition from VJ day.

web2471The bedside light fixtures were made for our previous house, my first attempts with stained glass.

web2472Looking into the bedroom from the front entry.  The oval drum table reflected in the mirror is also from Katy’s folks.

Moving in …

January 23rd, 2009

At long last, we are actually moving into our new place!   (see the Rehab Project for some history)  Yesterday I moved the kitchen paraphernalia and food, so here are pix of the kitchen:


Drawer fronts, trim band, window casings, etc., are of cherry, from North Michigan Hardwoods in Petosky.  The ceiling, and soffits are basswood, cut and milled by a small shop in northeast Wisconsin.  Shelving and window sills are oak.  The island countertop is made from three 2.5 inch thick walnut slabs, which were sliced from a crotch in the tree’s trunk about 20 years ago.  I bought them 10 years ago, from a neighbor who operated a local sawmill.  The surface is finished with Tung oil (Waterlox).

web2458The slabs were 11 feet long, and it hurt to cut 4 feet away.  The wide oak boards of the window seat seen here are from the same sawmill.  Alas, this is the end of my stockpiled (bargain priced) oak.


The floor throughout the main level (except bedroom) is porcelain tile on concrete, with hydronic heating in it.


The pantry and other cabinetry near the basement doorway are painted, to give some relief from all the wood.  Looking from the kitchen into the bathroom:


Some more walnut went into this counter, to hold a hand-tooled copper sink I found in Leland, MI.  This sink is primarily for show and guest usage; the real thing is in the dressing room.


Katy is seated at the “Message Center”, just inside from the door to the garage.  The antique desk came from her dad, and the weird wood box in front of her is made of old organ pipes (a 16′ Gedackt rank).  I’ll post more pictures of this when I finish its trimwork.  The unit houses computer and phone systems, plus storage space.


The parlor still looks rather empty, holding only our new recliner.  The picture is taken from the front-door entry area.


Check the blog in the coming days/weeks, as more areas get filled with stuff.

house rehab, new web pictorial

October 20th, 2008

Before ...

... After

An updated, web pictorial of this transformation is found here. Katy and I decided, about two years into the rehab project, to make this our home. We hope to move in by the end of this year. I’ll post some current pictures of the progress, soon.