The construction of these large buildings did serious damage to the natural site. We began reclamation work early in the process, to save what trees and shrubs we could. Here is construction of decks outside Apartment A2:

…and here are the same decks, a year later:

Looking through the gardens outside Apartment A3, westward, you can see the main vehicle entrance gate:

We are still learning: These beautiful orange flowers “volunteered” to grow beside the newly planted tree. A local horticulturist tells us the plant is called Lirium, and is indigenous to this area.

Gardens outside Apartment A3: The circular areas in the foreground have a healthy crop of weeds right now, but are intended as a salad garden. We are blessed with rich black topsoil more than a meter deep — we also are blessed with unlimited rocks and boulders. Residents can garden to their heart’s content…

The new fencing in the picture surrounds our highland pasture, where we will soon have sheep and alpacas grazing. One resident is already growing chickens, both for eggs and for the barbecue…

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