What does ‘security’ mean to you? If it means high-tech cameras, 24/7 staff with radios, guard dogs, etc., well, we have all that too.  But if you are considering the expat life in Latin America, real security takes on new definitions. Let us suggest two important topics for your consideration: Accessible Services, and Close Friends.

Accessible Services:

Medical services in Cuenca are outstanding. From top-notch surgeons, to general practitioners who make house calls, to well-trained ambulance staff, to hospital ER staff, the people here really want to help you. With no waiting, and a very reasonable bill at the end! The local expat community also offers coordination, translators, referrals and other help to expat newbies.

Transportation is inexpensive here, and there is no need to own/drive a car. Taxis are everywhere:  A taxi from VE to Sayausi (nearest market, with city bus stops to Cuenca – for only 25 cents) costs $4. From VE to El Centro in Cuenca, $8. Share the ride with another VE resident, and the cost becomes even more reasonable. Mixtos (king-cab pickup trucks) will haul whatever you want, with you riding along. The Occidental bus line offers 5 buses daily in each direction, between the Cajas and 2 terminals in Cuenca, $2.

Maybe you want housecleaning, or extended home care services, or some custom carpentry — all are available at reasonable prices. You should really try the fine tailors and shoe cobblers available in Cuenca! Many of the restaurants here offer takeout menus, with motorcycle delivery…

Close Friends:

There are thousands of expats in the Cuenca area, over 3000 from North America. It is easy to find friends. Living in VE offers a special advantage to retired expats, with the common interests and lifestyle we share, and with our proximity to each other. Here, living in the mountains does not mean a hermit existence!


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