Our History, our Community…

When the Incas ruled over this area, they built a road connecting their Pacific Ocean coastal road to the mountain highlands, in what is now southern Ecuador. That road goes past Llaviucu Lake, then past our Valle Encantado, then along the Tomebamba River to Cuenca. The remnants of that road are now a hiking trail in the Cajas National Park.

Developers Ron and Pati bought our 10 acres of land, formerly part of a dairy farm, more than 5 years ago. At that time it was adjacent to Cajas National Park. Following a long and tedious permit process, Ecuador’s government expanded the protected area of the Cajas several miles down the valley, including our land. Fortunately, the developers’ permits were ‘grandfathered in’ and construction of the Valle Encantado Condominium began about 3 years ago.

The buildings and utilities are now fully functional, although custom decorating and landscape development continue.

Our resident community (now, as of April 2017) consists of 7 full-time and 6 part-time residents, living in two houses and in 5 of the 12 condominium apartments.

This small but diverse group of expats come from Peru, Iran, Russia, Ukraine, Phillippines, USA and Canada. All choose living in Ecuador for the climate, the friendly and welcoming people, and the tranquil lifestyle.

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