Resuming the blog: (June 2015)

We passed the three-year mark of official residency in Ecuador. To our disappointment, changes to the interpretation of the rules prevent getting citizenship, for now at least. We each travelled out of Ecuador more than 90 days total in the three year period.¬†We’ll see whether we can “restart the clock”, and try again three years from now…

Katy’s Spanish continues to get stronger, Eric’s not so much. Eric’s employment ended in January 2015, so we’re really retirees now (at 67 years each).

We’ve had visits from Ben, Micah and Cameron. Looking for more of those in the future, maybe even from Claire and her parents.

Still living in our remodeled house, but that will change in a few months. Life is still good here — can’t imagine being anywhere but Cuenca.

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